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This continues for many to be seen as flirtation, but from my end, I am repulsed by this person, so why does my revulsion not factor in, why should I have to allow him to touch me or violate my personal space again and again. My generation fought for equal rights for women, how sad that we have produced snowflakes that need safety spaces when a man propositions them. Women in the dinosaur fifties somehow knew how to respond politely, put a guy in his place and not get offended.

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Perhaps his fault is that he speaks what he thinks, and nothing hurts like the truth, as well as his writing skills, which leave his collegues for the most part way behind. The feminist movement is completely off track. So let me get this straight, this poor woman is brave enough to come forward and now you attack and undercut her for having actual evidence to prove her story. These are first-hand accounts and people are providing supporting documents to defend themselves.

Maybe the question is why are you attacking rather than listening? Where you there? Hey, I am not Eric under cover. I am a woman, a friend of his of long standing, and suggest to those sisters commenting here that: assuming anyone who counters this escalating character assassination must be A Eric, himself or B some deluded, un-woke and misguided woman without agency or insight or psychological savvy is myopic, intoxicated by your own rage and reinforces my previous comment.

How many of these people have actually spent time with him? Time I will never get back. Lesson learned.

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I was too, and for a longtime. This is not a so called witch hunt on Eric, these are accounts of experiences that many people with in a community has had with him.

cheecastpatitig.tk No one is out to get him, we are just not accepting his behavior any longer. Yes, we live in a small town and choose to live here. Most- at least some of us — are all for those veiws. This has to do with his behavior. I have spent plenty of real time with him. More than possibly any woman. Until he went too far. You can keep defending him, someday you too will see the light. And thank you Jesse.

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More than a decade ago when I was working for a major event in the area this same man came to my office with no appointment demanding an immediate interview with the founder of the event. The founder was not in town that day. And infuriating. Kudos to all the women who came forward and to Ulster Pub and Chronogram for recognizing he did not belong in their pages.

Posing as a woman who has been sexually assaulted?

Posing as a survivor who would come to your defense? Just stop.


He always continues to act like a creep. He is disrespectful of others and people became fed up. First, kudos to Jesse Smith for what seems like an impartial and meticulous exercise in reportage. I see a small tragedy here, or rather a small collection of interrelated tragedies.

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Every person has a shadow; every movement has a shadow, too. The article by Eric Francis Coppolino that ignited this firestorm was in my view an attempt on his part to make a reasonable point: The MeToo movement has a shadow. I have had issues with boundaries.

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The best way to resolve conflict that I know is by meeting on the bridge of vulnerability between the two hard-and-fast positions. When you acknowledge the shadow, it goes away. When you deny it, it gets bigger. If only that could happen here! Bringing abusive behavior to light is equivalent to attacking? They are abuse, plain and simple. Nice try with the both-sidesism, but you are way off the mark here.

This shoddy article and the ridiculous remarks supporting it are truly cringeworthy. Your collective horror at his supposed activities seems to consist of an unconscious mish-mash of vague insinuations, prejudice against polyamory and indeed any expression of sexual desire from a man, it would seem , interpersonal disgust at the use of explicit language how very liberal! Are you prepared to live with that on your consciences? And just by the way I am a woman, and I experienced a pretty brutal childhood thanks to my father and stepfather.

Also, I happen to know the identity of Cinnamon Girl: she is a flesh-and-blood woman, another who has been friends with Eric for many years, another who would defend him to the hilt, and with good reason. Know that in fact there are many of us who care about Eric and understand this pitiful hatchet job for what it really is. I have been reading Eric online for two decades now and value that part of him.

I admit to being pretty baffled by all this. Generally, the consensus seems to be that some women find EFC creepy. Ya know what? Equating Eric with some powerful media mogul, in whose presence women are powerless??? How hard is that? It works. What if he unrelentingly harasses you, comes up behind you, whispers things to you, corners you in small spaces, follows you saying uncomfortable things.

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I have had over ten specific different encounters and was very clear before I went to the police to document it. What did the police do?

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Suggest a no-contact order because you feel threatened? Easy to do, at least in my state.

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Or are you talking about lewd whisperings? Annoying for sure, and totally insensitive. But you can see the difference between creepy behavior and rape, right? You can see the difference between some guy you walk a block or two to avoid and your boss who demands oral sex every Wednesday, right? Why do you think that dozens of people, mostly women, should have to change their behavior to try to avoid someone who is harassing and inappropriate, even after being told to stop?

Why should they never be able to speak out against it? And why should not be held accountable to change his behavior?. They should just learn for themselves by having a bad experience and then avoid him after? Do you realize that is what you are saying? Trying to personally avoid creepy aka predatory men is what most of us have been doing for so long. We assumed that this was part of being a teenage girl or woman in the world, that no one would do anything about it, and thought that we had to try to avoid them.

Hopefully in this new era we can change the culture so that it is no longer ONLY up to the preyed upon to try to avoid the predator. Hopefully as communities we can take responsibility to ensure that all of our members have the right to be free of harassment and to have their boundaries respected.