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Here's how astrology can impact your wedding day
Will I Marry Again? Astrology of Multiple Marriages with Kesenya and Astrolada

One of my relatives lives in Bengaluru. He is having an affair with a girl for the last four years. Both love each other deeply and the families of both know about their love affair. The parents of the girl have no objection to their marriage but the parents of the boy side are not ready for the marriage because the elder brother is still unmarried and the girl belongs to upper caste. When my relatives sought my advice by asking when will I get married I suggested a very simple solution. I asked to bring the horoscope of the elder brother who is still unmarried.

Love or Arranged Marriage • Time of Marriage

My prediction is yet to be true. After birth, getting married is a big event in the life of any person. For some people when will I get married is a very big question. They remain worried because they think that their destiny may change after marriage. For example, the youngest sister of the three brothers and sister will definitely think that her marriage is getting late due to a delay in the marriage of the elder sister.

As long as the marriage of my elder brother and elder sister is not done the question when will I get married always hover around my eyes. If you search online when will I get married there are numerous website showing the quiz which looks too odd because this is the turning point of life. My friend who is involved in an affair with a girl asked me when will I get married so I simply replied according to your horoscope there is the possibility of getting married at the beginning of the year Now the problem is that the parents of the girl are not ready to wait till the year and they started the search for a suitable match for their girl.

For the girl, this has become a difficult situation. When things are not working you should not try hard. Let it happen itself. You will get the answer of your question when will I get married when the required planetary position will be there in the sky.

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